Saturday, December 14, 2013

Khaali Haath Shaam Aayi Hai (Ijaazat)

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Evenings are beautiful. Probably the second most beautiful part of the day for someone in love (other than dead at night, when the silence underscores every act of intimacy (think साँसों में उलझी रहे मेरी साँसें)) and magnifies it tenfold.

But the same evening can also be a time of suffering. If you have ever been in love and spent an evening waiting futilely for that someone, you'll know the pain it brings. Not a stabbing pain either, just a dull ache accompanied by a feeling of being deserted. Now imagine this happening to you day after day. This is what the song is about.

Gulzar himself has introduced this song thus, "रात और दिन कितने खूबसूरत दो वक़्त हैं, और कितने खूबसूरत दो लफ्ज़। इन दो लफ़्ज़ों के बीच में, एक वक़फ़ा आता है, जिसे शाम का वक़्त कहते हैं। ये वो वक़्त है, जिसे न रात अपनाती है, न दिन अपने साथ लेकर जाता है। इस छोड़े हुए, या छूटे हुए लावारिस वक़्त से, शायर अक्सर कोई न कोई लम्हा चुन लेता है, और सी लेता है अपने शेरों में। लेकिन कोई-कोई शाम भी ऐसी बाँझ होती है, के कोई लम्हा देकर नहीं जाती।"

The Song is Set Thus:

Sudha (Rekha) is waiting for her husband Mohinder (Naseer) to come back; while he is in the hospital, tending to his sweetheart Maya (Anuradha Patel) who has tried to commit suicide. Day after day, as Sudha waits for Mohinder, we see him spending time with Maya to help her recover. The song plays.

Lyrics and translation:

Khaali haath shaam aayi hai, khaali haath jaayegi
Aaj bhi na aaya koi, khaali laut jaayegi

[[Empty-handed this evening has come, and would end the same way
Seeing that no one has come, it'll leave feeling deserted yet again]]

Aaj bhi na aaye aansu, aaj bhi na bheege naina
Aaj bhi ye kori raina, kori laut jaayegi

[[Yet I find myself devoid of tears
And so the evening will return blank, just the way it came]]

Raat ki syaahi koi, aaye to mitaaye na
Aaj na mitaayi to ye, kal bhi laut aayegi

[[Wouldn't someone come and erase the ink of this black night?
Because if left unerased, it'll surely come to haunt me tomorrow as well]]


  1. Aaj bhi na aaye aansu, aaj bhi na bheege naina
    Aaj bhi ye kori raina, kori laut jaayegi

    One of my fav lines ever!

  2. beautiful !!
    Raat ki syaahi koi, aaye to mitaaye na

    you should write more often.

    1. Hi!
      I've been meaning to write often, but have been really busy. Will surely try though :) Glad you liked the blog

  3. May I request your commentary on the story and songs of ' namkeen'.

    1. I have written a post on "Raah pe rahte hain"

  4. All songs are beautiful :)


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