Thursday, June 14, 2012

Raat Ka Nasha Abhi (Asoka)

For an industry obsessed with love, Bollywood music industry has pretty little to show for love's carnal side. Even less so, something that is sensuous without being vulgar. Songs such as this one are few and far between.

The music by Anu Malik is very fresh, and for a change doesn't seem copied from anywhere. Lyrics penned by Gulzar describe beautifully the tale of the night of togetherness and the yearning of the day after, when the lovers are apart. One wishes though, that someone else with a more seductive voice had sung it.

Lyrics, and translation:
Raat ka nasha abhi, aankh se gaya nahin
Tera nasheela badan baahon ne chhoda nahin
Aankhein to kholi magar, sapna wo toda nahin
Haan, wahi, wo, wohi
Saanson pe rakha hua tere hothon ka sapna abhi hai wahin

[[The ecstasy of the night before, has not yet left my eyes
My arms have still not let go of the intoxication of your body
And though my eyes are wide open, that dream is still there
Yes, the same one ....
The dream that your lips told my breath still lingers within me]]

Tere bina bhi kabhi, tujh si machal leti hoon
Karvat badalti hoon to, sapna badal leti hoon
Tera khyaal aaye to, bal kha ke pal jaata hai
Paani ki chaadar tale, tan mera jal jaata hai

[[At times I pretend that it's you I'm sulking with
For every night spent tossing and turning, I invent a new dream to console me
When I think of you, that moment just refuses to leave
And even inside a veil of water, my body burns]]

[Haan, wohi, wo, wohi
Saanson pe rakha hua tere hothon ka sapna abhi hai wahin]

Tere gale milne ke mausam bade hote hain
Janmon ka waada koi, ye gham bade chhote hain
Lambi si ik raat ho, lamba sa ik din mile
Bas itna sa jeena ho, milan ki ghadi jab mile

[[Oh, such beautiful lines! I wouldn't even try to translate them word for word.

When compared to how eternally momentous the time we spend together is; these small things such as being apart in this lifetime don't even matter. Because I know we are destined to find each other in every single life.

As for this life, I only ask for one prolonged day and one lasting night of togetherness - I don't need anything else.]]

[Haan, wohi, wo, wohi
Saanson pe rakha hua tere hothon ka sapna abhi hai wahin]


  1. Hey how about giving some attention to Ishqiya songs. While I won't commit the blasphemy of comparing, doesn't Gulzar-Vishal-Rekha remind you of Gulzar-Pancham-Asha? And this just struck me - Vishal-Rekha and Pancham-Asha are both real-life couples!
    Ishqa Ishqa is another great example of Gulzar-Vishal-Rekha at work. Have you heard that album? It came out quite some ago, in 2004.

    1. Well I won't go so far as comparing the two, but for sure Vishal and Gulzar have created some magic together :)

      Yes, I've heard Ishqa-ishqa and love Tere Ishq Mein.

  2. Kanuji.... was trying to find the full gazal of Galibh i get that it was only a sher... which Gulzar took forward .... I write myself... and i genuinely think the last two paras were brilliant. You did a marvelous job (i deleted commendable). I am not sure if you are still active on this profile.. but if you are.. do check my blog....

  3. The lyrics of this song is bit cheesy.Thanks to Gulzar Sahab that I couldnt listen the song while sitting with my father and brother.

  4. Gulzar always come up with some amazing lyrics. I like this one of asoka but the one I like most of Gulzar is Bedi jalayi ray jigar se piya. This man is so talented I must say!


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