Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Khudkushi (Yaar Julaahe)

"Yaar Julaahe" is a collection of Gulzar's nazm's, ghazals and triveni's compiled by Yateendra Mishra. Below is a nazm from the book, called Khudkushi (Suicide).

बस इक लम्हे का झगड़ा था -
दरो-दीवार पे ऐसे छनाके से गिरी आवाज़ जैसे काँच गिरता है -
हर इक शै में गयीं उडती हुई, जलती हुई किरचें!
नज़र में, बात में, लहजे में, सोच और साँस के अन्दर |
लहू होना था इक रिश्ते का, सो वह हो गया उस दिन-!
उसी आवाज़ के टुकड़े उठा के फ़र्श से उस शब,
किसी ने काट ली नब्ज़ें - 
न की आवाज़ तक कुछ भी,
कि कोई जाग न जाये!!!

A mere one-moment tiff -
And the voice crashed on the walls like a glass, shattered -
The splinters, stinging, flew into everything!
In our eyes, in our conversation and its tone, in our thoughts and breaths even |
A relation was to be murdered, and that happened eventually -!

Using a fragment of that very voice, that night,
Someone slit their veins -
Not making the slightest noise,
Lest someone wakes up!!!

How easily can even the smallest tiff spell the end of a relationship! I love this poem for its imagery of a shattered glass. Truly, words hurt like nothing else could... and that's why I love the part where Gulzar says "उसी आवाज़ के टुकड़े उठा के फ़र्श से उस शब, किसी ने काट ली नब्ज़ें".
"जलती हुई किरचें" is another favorite line for depicting how some thoughtlessly said words burn and sting; and how these very words can change the whole tone of a conversation.

This poem was recited by Dia Mirza for "Dus Kahaniyaan" album. Here's the video from youtube:


  1. waah waah...
    anek anek dhanywaad for putting up this here.
    This is one of the best creations from gulzar.
    While reading, I could hear the same lines in his own voice, adding weight to each and every word here with those deadly pauses.
    Excellent creation from a master ! :-)


  2. This is part of the Album Dus Kahaniya. I think it was recited by Neha Dhupia

  3. @Sam:
    Yes, it's a beautiful poem :)

    Hey thanks for letting me know, it's in the voice of Dia Mirza :) will give the link on the blog :)

  4. Thought had understood this one.. was completely wrong...can feel the full brunt after this explanation. Thanks and keep up the brilliant work.

    1. Thank you! On hindsight I don't like this translation at all! :-|

  5. we r really blessed 2 ve gulzaar saab wid us.:)

  6. I love indian songs. This one is nice and i like it's lyrics. It is a romantic song which is uncommon these days.


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