Friday, March 30, 2012

Tere Bina (Guru)

The stage is set thus

Gurukant Desai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Sujata (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) are newly married. But the ambitious Gurukant is just a notch more in love with his work than his wife. So much so that Sujata feels Guru's work is like the other woman in his life.

This song, though picturised as a 'happy' song, is actually Sujata's reproach on the frequent absence of her husband.

(As pointed out very helpfully by soloescapes, this song comes up when Sujata goes away when she learns that Guru married him because of the dowry. The song shows glimpses of their happy times and the current "crisis". (Thanks!))

Lyrics, and translation

[Dum-daara dum-daara mast-mast dum 
Dum-daara dum-daara mast-mast dum 
Dum-daara dum-dum]
O humdum bin tere kya jeena

[[My love, what is a life without you...]]

Tere bina besuaadi-besuaadi ratiyaan o sajna (x2)
Rookhi re o rookhi re
Kaatoon re, kaate kate na

[[Without you, my nights are bland and monotonous, sweetheart. These dull and dry nights are impossible to go through.

Kanu's comments: 'Be-suaadi' is a very rarely used word, but very appropriate and effective here. Gulzar's lyrics often have a word that makes you to fall in love with itself; and for me in this song, it's definitely besuaadi.]]

[Dum-daara dum-daara mast-mast dum ...]

Na ja chaakri ke maare
Na ja sautan pukaare
Saawan aayega to poochhega, na ja re

[[Don't go away for your job; which, like a mistress, keeps calling you. What will I say when the rain comes and asks for you?

Kanu's comments: Love how these lines subtly imply that Guru is always on the beck and call of his job (na ja sautan pukaare), even if it means ignoring his wife and spending less time with her. Rains are often considered the romantic season, and to desert your newlywed wife in such a weather for your job will no doubt leave her feeling unloved. 

Pheeki-pheeki besuaadi ye ratiyaan 
Kaatoon re, kate na kate na
Ab sajna tere bina, tere bina, kaate kate na
Kate na kate na tere bina
Tere bina besuaadi-besuaadi ratiyaan o sajna 

[[These bland and insipid nights are impossible to go through.]]

[Dum-daara dum-daara mast-mast dum ...]

Tere bina chaand ka sona khota re
Peeli-peeli dhool uda de jhootha re

[[Without you, even the the moon seems to be fake - instead of showering gold it's blowing yellow dust at me.

Kanu's comments: 1. Love the use of khota (counterfeit) here. Gulzar's love of the moon is legendary, and could make for a long post in itself. The plethora of adjectives he has used to describe the moon can run into hundreds.]]

Tere bina sona peetal
Tere sang keekar peepal
[Aa ja katein na ratiyaan]

[[Without you, gold is like copper; while when you are with me even a Kikar tree is like Peepal

Kanu's comments: Love these lines. Very poetic, and have a nice musical ring to them.
Without you, even the most expensive things hold no value to me. - Gold and jewelry can't compensate for your absence.
With you, even a common tree like Kikar becomes sacred like Pipal (which is considered very sacred in Hindu and Buddhist mythology).]]

[Dum-daara dum-daara mast-mast dum ...]


  1. This song comes up when Sujata goes away when she learns that Guru married him because of the dowry. The song shows glimpses of their happy times and the current "crisis"

    Also last line i think u meant peepal and not peetal.

    Nice job as usual :)

  2. @soleescapes:
    Thanks a ton :) Updated this on the blog as well. Makes the visual so much more clear.

  3. Thank you very much Kanu for translating- Na ja chakri ke maare......
    I always had doubt over this line and was not able to completely understand chakri and sautan. Even once I asked my mother about this line. I always used to think that why is chakri and who is sautan here. Now I understand.
    Actually I listen this song before its music of Guru was released. If you allow, I wanna share that. It was 31st Dec 2006, there was one concert going live in Mumbai. One channel showing it. After one famous western singer, Rahman with his group started performing almost at 11:30 pm. After khalbali they performed this song. Before performing, Rahman said this song is dedicated to Usatad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Rahman is such a huge fan of Nusrat that once he went to Pakistan for one day and recorded that Gurus of Peace track n Nusrats Voice. Rahman almost copied sufi style of Nusrat in this Tere Bina track. I was in first year that time and used to write lines from this song on benches, walls , boards in college. Still in my room 2-3 lines are written on wall. Even Rahman made some Quadri to sing this song. But Maniratnam forced Rahman to sing this song. Then this version came in his voice.

    You sorted out my one doubt. Please also clarify this second last para- Tere bina chaand ka sona khota re
    Peeli-peeli dhool uda de jhootha re
    I did not understand your interpretation. Can this be
    Tere bina chandi kya sona khota re
    that is both gold and silver are unworthy without you. but then I dont know the meaning of next line --- Peeli-peeli dhool uda de jhootha re.
    Please clarify it.

    1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful bit of trivia about Rahman and NFAK... His influence sure shines through in this song.

      About the "Chaand ka sona khota re" line ... the heroine is just pointing out that even something as beautiful and pure as the moon seems to be fake without her lover ... it seems to be mocking her by throwing yellow dust at her instead of showering her in moonlight as it should.

    2. Thanks again. Now I understand the complete song(as much as I could).

  4. My favorite song ever, and your translation is definitely the best, so thank you so much.

  5. Just wanna know the meaning of

    "Dum-daara dum-daara mast-mast dum
    Dum-daara dum-daara mast-mast dum
    Dum-daara dum-dum"


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