Tuesday, March 20, 2012

O Humdum Suniyo Re (Saathiya)

A short post :)

This is what Gulzar has to say about the song, and it pretty much leaves no need for a translation: 
"Shaad Ali wanted this song during the credit titles. People criticised me for what they called ridiculous images like Nange paao chand aayega, but I was using the moon to symbolise the hero's character. The hero and heroine are secretly married and he goes stealthily to her house every night. The song was the storyline in a nutshell." (Source)
Lyrics, and English translation

O humdum suniyo re, o janiya suniyo re
O janiya shaam ko khidki se 
Chori-chori nange paaon chaand aayega

[[Listen, my love. When the night comes, the moon will come to be with you;  barefoot, stealthily from the window. (I'll come to secretly meet you at night.)]]

[Ho suniyo re, o janiya re
Ho suniyo re, o janiya re]

[Dheem-dheem tanana, dheem tananana]
Galiyon se aayega, 
[Dheem-dheem tanana, dheem tananana]
Seeti bajaayega
[Dheem-dheem tanana, dheem tananana]
Neem ke ped se
[Dheem-dheem tanana, dheem tananana]
Paas bulayega

[[Listen, honey. (The moon) will come from the street, whistling a tune. From atop the neem tree, it will ask you to come closer.]]

My two cents

  1. In a interview, Kunal Ganjawala remembered how Himesh Reshammiya asked him to sing "Dil keh raha hai" (Kyon Ki...) the same he sang this song; because Himesh loved the way Kunal sounded in "O humdum".
  2. This is one of my favorite road trip tracks :)
PS: Can someone give me the rap portion's lyrics? The one that's available online doesn't seem right.


  1. ok i'll try ..
    hey here we go,i am ripped upon match,just let the rhythm hit the hop,in effect ,feel becomes kid sliming on the bass line never miss around with the punk,because i am slipping ,kicking ,always finger linking i dont need halloween to be trick or treating,coz i am always on top, and..ebidkwonchikidwonboom..

  2. san 2003 mein to aisa hi samajh aaya,tha sun sun ke..kaafi galat kuch samjha hai waise :D, but as is reproduced from memory..
    the correct one here http://www.hindilyrix.com/songs/get_song_O%20humdum.html

  3. Thanks Inspector sahab! :) ye net waala (second waala) to maine bhi dekha tha, par mujhe kuchh sahi nahin laga. vaise kya pata rap mein aise hi random likhte hon

  4. I thought I'd ever hear Gulzar's poetry and rap in the same song... Waise you are right Kanupriya. Rap mein aise hi random likhte hain. :)

    1. Vaise Gulzar bhi zaroorat aane pe kaafi random likh lete hain :)

  5. Takin it ahead from 'harkatein'... that's how I hear the rap:

    hey here we go,i am rippin up on the mic,just sayin with the hip the hop,once again, in effect ,feel the constant slamming up the bass line never mess around with the punk,coz i am stinkin,kicking,always finger lickin, i don't need.... halloween....to be trick or treatin,coz i am always on top, and...-gibberish-...

  6. Makes a lot more sense now :-D

  7. but whats the name or singer of that rap song

    1. Raaga.com gives the following singers credit: Kay Kay, Shaan, Kunal, Pravin Mani

      Not sure about which one gave vocals to the rap part!

    2. The Post dated back long as Tuesday, March 20, 2012 draws my attentions cz I was searching the appropriate Rap lyrics but found that the content writer himself wants to know the lyrics and also the name of the Rapper-

      So here is the answer...
      The name of that special person which many of the sites forget to mention in the credit line is Rehman's Favourite Rap Artist Blaaze...
      Now you can google about him to know more...

      The correct Rap words go like this-

      Hey here we go..'m ripped upon the mic
      just Swingin with the hip the hop,
      Once again in the Fact
      feel the constant sliming on the bass line
      never miss around with the punk
      because i am stickin...kickin...always finger linkin...
      I dont need halloween.. Just to be trick or tricking
      coz i am always on top, a..YigdiBagdiBugdibagdiSsssaa

      the last Lines are innovation by Blaaze himself...
      this phrase has no meaning...it is just concluding or summing up the portion like a Turn Table effect.


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