Monday, March 26, 2012

Jhadi (Pukhraj)


बंद शीशे के परे देख, दरीचों के उधर
सब्ज़ पेड़ों पे, घनी शाखों पे, फूलों पे वहाँ
कैसे चुपचाप बरसता है मुसलसल पानी

कितनी आवाजें हैं, ये लोग हैं, बातें हैं मगर
ज़हन के पीछे किसी और ही सतह पे कहीं
जैसे चुपचाप बरसता है तसव्वुर तेरा


Beyond the panes of the closed window
See how the incessant rain quietly pours down
On the flowers and lush branches of those trees

Surrounded by myriad sounds, people and small talk
On the back of my mind, on a different plane altogether
Pours down a similar incessant rain of your thoughts

[Dareecha = Window
Musalsal = Continuous
Tasavvur = Thoughts]

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  1. Why don't you write the original text in English script as well?


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