Friday, March 2, 2012

Bekaraan (7 Khoon Maaf)

Lillah! [(Praise be) to Allah!]

I'm lost for words... I mean, really.
What a perfect way to describe someone so divinely stunning she takes your breath away! This song is so beautiful that the word 'beautiful' doesn't even begin to describe it. 100% pure poetry.

Let's not waste any time, and jump right to the translation part :)

Lyrics, and translation
Bekaraan hain bekaraan,
Aankhein band keeje na
Doobne lage hain hum,
Saans lene deeje na

[[Bekaraan = Infinite, limitless

Will you please close your deep, enormous eyes; because I'm getting drowned in these? At least let me breath. 

Kanu's comments: Ever since I came to know the meaning of word bekaraan, I've been in love with it. 'Infinite eyes' is such a beautiful expression. I think it is Pablo Neruda-esque.]]


[Praise be to the Lord! (for creating such a divine beauty)]

Ek zara chehra udhar keeje, inaayat hogi
Aapko dekh ke, badi der se, meri saans ruki hai

[[Will you please do me a favor and turn your face the other way? Because your beauty has taken my breath away. And if I keep looking at you, I'll surely lose my breath.]]

[Bekaraan hain bekaraan...]

1. Ek zara dekhiye to
Aapke paaon tale
Kuchh to atka hai kahin
Waqt se kahiye chale

[[Have a look, I think there's something (stuck) under your feet. Oh, it is time that has gotten stuck there. Now would you give it the permission to move? Because it stops when you stop.

Kanu's comments: What a beautiful way to say that the time stops to look at your beauty when you stop. And how utterly it is ruined in translation!]]

Udti-udti si nazar
Mujhko chhoo jaaye agar
Ek tasleem ko har baar meri aankh jhuki hai

[[When you even fleetingly look at me, I lower my eyes in salutation.]]

[Aapko dekh ke badi der se meri saans ruki hai]

2. Aankh kuchh laal si hai
Raat jaage to nahin
Raat jab bijli gayi
Darr ke bhaage to nahin

[[Your eyes seem a little bloodshot, I hope you didn't stay awake last night. I hope the power cut last night didn't scare you.]]

Kya laga honth tale
Jaise koi chot chale
Jaane kya soch ke is baar meri aankh jhuki hai

[[What is it (like a bruise) under your lips? 
I don't know what thought just crossed my mind, which has made me lower my gaze.

Kanu's comments: I didn't really get the essence of this para ... Was it in reference to how Irrfan Khan plays the role of a sadistic, abusive husband who used to beat Priyanka up? Help - anyone who has seen the movie?]]

[Aapko dekh ke badi der se meri saans ruki hai]
[Bekaraan hain bekaraan...]

Aankhein teri bekaraan
Aasmaan hi aasmaan

[[Your infinite eyes - like the sky]]

The song begins with the following sher:

Ik baar to yun hoga, thoda sa sukoon hoga
Na dil mein kasak hogi, na sar pe junoon hoga

[[Someday, it will be so - I'll find my peace
There will be neither this longing in my heart, nor this madness in my head]]


  1. lillah! and thanks for introducing me to this song. never heard it before.

  2. Beautifully done translation. Thanks a lot for this. For someone who is just beginning to venture into the world of Hindi/Urdu poetry, your blog is a treasure trove!

    Happy blogging!

  3. Here vishal talks abt the making of this song

  4. @Priyanka
    Thanks a ton! :)

    Thank you so much for that link. I'll include it in the blog as well!

  5. That para probably means - What's that bruise under your lip? Gosh, I'm embarrassed to think it might be a love bite.

  6. Talent meets talent, i guess its destiny....Gulzar, RD Burman, Bhupender, Vishal Bhardwaj...and Kanupriya....its not just a coincident....take a bow for u Kanu...great need time, knowledge and dedication to this kind of work...hope Mr. Giant Gulzar is proud of you...

    1. Thank you for your kind words :) they are a bit too much though :">

  7. explaination beautifully done my friend..!! specially mesmerised ro see the usage of word 'bekaraan' at just perfect place.. :)

  8. I love your translation- 'even when you fleetingly look at me.....'
    Beautiful Kanupriya :)
    I always end up at your blog whenever I have a translation related query!


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