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Naina Thag Lenge (Omkara)

Omkara is a tale of love, passion, loyalty and betrayal. If you haven't watched this movie, let me also pitch in my recommendation here - because this is one Bollywood movie that absolutely must be watched. All those who are allergic to swear words (like my mom :D) can stay away, though. But even for them, once you begin to overcome the initial shock of these words, this movie is like poetry. It's heartbreaking and it'll also make you angry. It'll grab your attention from the first scene and hold it till the end credits roll.

Coming to the song in question, it beautifully complements (and sums up) the movie. The lyrics are majestic in their simplicity. For once, Gulzar has stayed away from ornate words and seems to have consciously chosen stark severity to complement the movie's complexity. 

Lyrics, and translation

Naino ki mat maaniyo re, naino ki mat suniyo
Naino ki mat suniyo re
Naina thag lenge 
Naina thag lenge, thag lenge, naina thag lenge 

[[Don't trust your eyes, do not listen to them
They'll con you.

Don't trust everything your eyes show you. Because sometimes appearances fool us, and things are not what they seem to be on the first look.
'Thagna' is such a nifty little word. It combines deceiving and stealing. So basically you trust someone and they con you - it hurts more than when an unknown person steals from you.]]

Jagte jaadu phookenge re, jagte-jagte jaadu
Jagte jaadu phookenge re, neenden banjar kar denge
Naina thag lenge

[[When awake, they'll cast a spell on you.
And then even sleep will desert you.
These eyes will fool you.

You'll have respite neither sleeping nor awake, since when you're awake you're under their spell and you'll have no dreams to comfort you in your sleep.]]

Bhala-manda dekhe na, paraya na saga re
Naino ko to dasne ka chaska laga re
Naino ka zahar nasheela re

[[They'll not differentiate between good or bad, a stranger or their own
Since they have become addicted to biting
And their venom is intoxicating.

Dasna is basically snake-bite. So just like a snake doesn't care who it is biting, eyes can also deceive their owner. Add to that, once you have fallen prey to their deception, you only take things at face value and lose your sense of right or wrong.]]

Baadlon mein satrangiyaan boyein, bhor talak barsaavein
Baadlon mein satrangiyaan boyein, naina baavra kar denge
Naina thag lenge

[[They'll sow rainbows in the clouds, and make it rain till the morning
They'll surely drive you crazy.
These eyes will cheat you.

I don't know what these lines mean, but I'll try. If we associate it with the previous line (naino ka zahar nasheela re (their venom is intoxicating)) - you know, how when you're inebriated, everything seems more psychedelic and beautiful and colorful. Similarly, these eyes will make you see rainbows in the clouds. -- What do you think these lines mean?]]

Naina raat ko chalte chalte swarga mein le jaavein
Megh-malhar ke sapne beejein, hariyali dikhlaavein

[[These eyes will transport you to Utopia
They'll sow dreams of rain and it would appear as if everything is perfect.

Rains and greenery is associated with prosperity and happiness. Plus swarg (heaven/Utopia) is an imaginary   place where there're no worries and everything is well. Your eyes will make you see good things when there are none.
Again, this may be in continuation to the previous para (baadalon mein satrangiyaan boyein)]]

Naino ki jabaan pe bharosa nahin aata
Likhat-padhat, na raseed na khaata
Saari baat hawaai hai 

[[Don't take their word for anything
Because there's no written agreement, no receipt or record to hold against them
Everything they say is just hot air.

- My favorite lines. These eyes cannot be held accountable for anything, because you have nothing in writing against them. Everything they say is just empty talk.]]

Bin baadal barsaayein saawan, saawan bin barsaata
Bin baadal barsaayein saawan, naina baavra kar denge

[[They'll make it rain when there're no clouds
They'll surely drive you crazy
These eyes will cheat you.]]

Special mention
I love the poster design of this movie. In various posters, each major character is identified along with their primary characteristic. It's very different and creative, and IMO pretty awesome! (I've spent some time in finding all these poster, so  direct some appreciation towards me as well :P )

(click to enlarge)


  1. Naina thag lenge is one of my fav songs and i have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed listening to it. nice one once again :)
    Omkara is probably one of my top 5 hindi movies of all time and is my most watched hindi movie after Sholay and probably DDLJ. but it surprises me every time I watch it.
    you too surprised me with these posters as I had no idea about them. its simply awesome and so are your efforts in putting it together.

  2. @Saras:
    thanks :)
    I have recently downloaded Omkara. Will watch it again.

  3. The poster was new and very creative.

    Good use of words by Gulzaar. I liked this post

  4. Badlon mein.....probably he is trying to say that its only eyes by which we see colors of eyes (naina) can make us see a rainbow in clouds even at night and it pours till bhor (morning)....this is what i could figure out... :)

    1. Yes, that could be it :) Or maybe that he sees rainbows in this dark (the color of cloud) eyes!

  5. each word from Gulzar saab in this song is ULMIMATE....
    one night I thought a lot about this Song, Great lyrics, great composition, great singing and also the great movie...and suddenly read this post..fir aisa laga jaise mere soch ko aapne shabd de diye..just the brilliant explanation

  6. If you take it as the protagonist talking of Dolly's eyes- then these lines make total sense:

    "Baadlon mein satrangiyaan boyein, bhor talak barsaavein
    Baadlon mein satrangiyaan boyein, naina baavra kar denge
    Naina thag lenge"

    [Her eyes] make me see rainbows when in truth its the clouds that have surrounded me,
    And then the clouds rain incessantly while I continue to see rainbows,
    why, these eyes have driven me crazy!
    These eyes are mercenary (the perfect english meaning of thagna)

  7. Nice work. And the poster is fab too. : )

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  9. I think the meaning of 'badalon mein...Bhor talak bharsavein, Naina bhavra kardenge' is 'those eyes will drive u so crazy and leave u insane to such an extent that you will continue seeing rainbows where there are rainstorms...


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