Thursday, January 12, 2012

Assorted (Pukhraj)

As promised in the last post Chhaiyya-chhaiyya, here are a few lines from various poems from Pukhraj, with slight or pronounced devotional undertones. In these poems, the beloved is made out to be sacred enough to be worshiped.

1. From the poem Raat-din (रात-दिन)
तेरी आँखें हैं या सजदे में हैं मासूम नमाज़ी

पलकें खुलती हैं तो यूं गूँज के उठती है नज़र
जैसे मंदिर से जरस की चले नमनाक सदा
और झुकती हैं तो बस जैसे अज़ान ख़त्म हुई हो

[Teri aakhein hain ya sajde mein hain masoom namaazi

Palkein khulti hain to yoon goonj ke uthti hai nazar
Jaise mandir se jaras kee chale namnaak sada
Aur jhukti hain to bas jaise azaan khatm hui ho]

2. From the poem Takhleek (तख़लीक़)
मैं अपने होठों से चुन रहा हूँ तुम्हारी साँसों की आयतों को
कि जिस्म के इस हसीन काबे पे रूह सजदे बिछा रही है

[Main apne hothon se chun raha hon tumhari saason ki aayaton ko
Ki jism ke is haseen kaabe pe rooh sajde bichhaa rahi hai]

3. From the poem Sparsh (स्पर्श)
तुम्हारे हाथों को चूमकर, छूके अपनी आँखों से आज मैंने
जो आयतें पढ़ नहीं सका, उनके लम्स महसूस कर लिए हैं

[Tumhare haathon ko choomkar, chhooke apni aakhon se aaj maine
Jo aayatein padh nahin saka, unke lams mahsoos kar liye hain]

4. Guzaarish (गुज़ारिश)
मैंने रखी हुई हैं आँखों पर
तेरी ग़मगीन-सी उदास आखें
जैसे गिरजे में रक्खी ख़ामोशी
जैसे रहलों पे रक्खी अन्जीलें

एक आंसू गिरा दो आँखों से
कोई आयत मिले नमाज़ी को
कोई हर्फ़-ए-कलाम-ए-पाक मिले

[Maine rakhi hui hain aankhon par
Teri gamgeen-si udaas aankhein
Jaise girje mein rakkhi khamoshi
Jaise rahlon pe rakkhi anjeelein

Ek aansoon gira do aankhon se
Koi aayat mile namaazi ko
Koi harf-e-kalaam-e-pak mile]


  1. lovely lines.
    it reminds me of your "Satrangi Re" post where you have mentioned 7 stages of love. 5th one is worship.
    After reading this post I have ordered Pukhraj from flipkart :)

  2. @Saras
    :) hope you won't regret your decision of buying Pukhraj :) as for me, it's my favorite books by Gulzar.

  3. Ha ha ha this is a coincidence. I just ordered a copy of Pukhraj from Flipkart myself. They should pay you a commission Kanupriya. ;) I hope you will help me understand the meaning of the more difficult ones.

    1. Sure, I'll try. It's a beautiful book. You can also buy "Raat Pashmine Ki" by Gulzar - another collection of his beautiful nazms :)

    2. Update: I couldn't help myself. I also bought "Selected Poems" and "Neglected Poems", bilingual editions with the original and the authorized translation. But you will still be my go-to girl for Gulzar interpretations. :)

    3. That's very kind of you :)
      Btw do let me know how the books are. I don't have either of these.

    4. Sure. I will do that. :) And btw, I also bought "Raat Pashmine Ki". :P I want to buy "Triveni", but Flipkart says it is in Urdu. :(

  4. Been Gulazar sa'ab's biggest fan, but hadn't been able to source this book for long. The print is smooth and such a pleasure to read. The cover adds more to the quality, and the collection is simply marvelous and so, so treasurable. The quick delivery by Flipkart was extremely impressive and helpful, especially since I needed it at the earliest. Don't miss out on this!


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